The Xometry Team



Michael Jones-Peeler

HR & Talent Acquisition Specialist

Xometry in 5 words or less

Small Company Doing Major Work

Phrase you say most in the office

Think I found a good one!

Most Interesting Previous Job

I worked in the Obama Administration.

I'm happiest when...

I am watching my brother play basketball at UMBC

Real life 'superpower'


Tosha Fraley

Tosha Fraley

Data Scientist

Your Job in a Nutshell


Most Interesting Job Before Xometry

I worked on a construction site.

Would You Rather Fight One Horse Sized Duck or 100 Duck Sized Horses?

One horse sized duck. Can you imagine the number of flies around 100 duck sized horses?

Three Words You Say Most at Xometry

Going to Michler's!

Real Life Superpower


Tommy Lynch

Tommy Lynch

Applications Engineer

Your Job in a Nutshell

I help our customers select the best 3D printing technologies for a wide range of applications and products. Basically, I like to think I am saving the world one part at a time.

Favorite Thing About Xometry

I enjoy the people I work with everyday and knowing that we are helping to support hundreds of small manufacturers around the country.

Most Relatable TV Character

Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec

Most Interesting Job Before Xometry

One summer in college, I worked as a mechanic's assistant installing commercial elevators and escalators. Typical duties included a LOT of heavy lifting, and working with power tools while clinging for life in an elevator shaft. I appreciated the experience, and was proud to have managed a mild fear of heights. However, I am very happy that this experience landed me career in additive manufacturing.

Favorite Project So Far

Anything that involves rockets or race cars

Luke Hendrix

Luke Hendrix

Web Developer Team Lead

Favorite Thing About Xometry

Seeing something I've discussed, planned, and coded out in the wild, and hearing about how users are interacting with the new features we release every week.

Favorite Project So Far

We've had an ongoing project to clean up and speed up our front-end user experience by cutting the loading time of some of our key pages by factors of ten or more. Every time we deliver code for this project, I know that I'm making our customer's experience better and my own job easier.

Xometry in 5 Words or Less

Frictionless manufacturing, powered by you

If You Could Design Any Part, What Would it Be?

I have a history degree and a fascination with ancient technology, so I've always wondered what type of performance you could get out of an aircraft-grade titanium trebuchet.

One Thing You Can't Live Without

The internet, libraries - some way to get access to information. There are too many things in the world to learn about to be content with just what I know right now.

Employee Spotlight Derek Ferramosca

Derek Ferramosca

Account Executive

Favorite Thing About Xometry

Seeing the joy our customers have when we help bring their ideas to life.

Favorite Xometry Project

Making awards for a real Hollywood event. It was an incredibly fun project and multiple Oscar winning actors and actresses got to receive the award! As a movie fan it was a very rewarding experience.

Most Interesting Previous Job

I was a security guard and helped keep a building from exploding!

Part I Most Want to Make

A 1950's style ray gun (non functioning, of course!).

Happiest When...

I am spending time with my family.

Krista Browning

Krista Browning

Quoting Analyst

Role at Xometry

Quoting Analyst for CNC and Sheet Metal

Your Job In a Nutshell

I conduct the up-front engineering on all manual CNC and sheet metal quotes as well as prioritize and delegate quotes to engineers for manual pricing.

Favorite Thing About Xometry

I work in the Southern Pines office where we have a pretty laid back and great environment with awesome people.

Most Relatable TV Character

Carol from the Walking Dead

Would You Rather Fight One Horse Sized Duck or 100 Duck Sized Horses?

100 duck sized horses. I'm a horse whisperer. They would just become more of my followers.