The Xometry Team


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Delaney Widen

Partner Success Manager

What I do in a nutshell

Help figure out the big picture of how to help our partners navigate Xometry and make the most of their experience.

What part I would design

Just a part? I'm going with a full assembly of a napping pod.

Desired superpower

The ability to speak to animals. Delaney Doolittle.

Random fact

I have a large collection of random basketball jerseys. Related fun fact: I have an eBay problem.

TV character I relate most to

I'm a healthy combination of Daria Morgendorffer and Linda Belcher. I'm supportive and compassionate, but with a heavy sprinkling of dry wit and sarcasm.

Will Sizemore

Will Sizemore

Office Manager

Favorite thing about working here

I literally work with the best people in the world.

If I could design any part, what would I make

I would design wood trim and millwork for Victorian building restorations.

Random fact

I live down the street from the Wild Turkey Distillery.

I am happiest when...

I am happiest when I am in Kentucky.

Real life 'superpower'

Punctuality, for sure. I also have the uncanny ability to attract strangers that want to chitchat.

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Sean Wiedbusch

Project Engineer

Favorite thing about Xometry

Working with such a variety of industries. I've seen things from rocket parts to robots, and everything in between.

Words you say most in the office

"Ship it!"

My Nicknames

Around the office, I'm known as 'Dad', 'Shrub', and Seanathan.

Real life 'superpower'

I don’t mean to brag, but I do a few pretty sweet accents.

TV Character I Relate To

Ron Swanson, of Parks and Recreation.


Michael Jones-Peeler

HR & Talent Acquisition Specialist

Xometry in 5 words or less

Small Company Doing Major Work

Phrase you say most in the office

Think I found a good one!

Most Interesting Previous Job

I worked in the Obama Administration.

I'm happiest when...

I am watching my brother play basketball at UMBC

Real life 'superpower'


Employee Spotlight Jesse

Jesse Hartheimer

Business Development Rep

Role in a Nutshell

I introduce new customers to the Xometry platform, assisting them on quoting and ordering parts, and moving them from prototype to larger production orders.

Favorite thing about Xometry

The amazing and dedicated team we've put together.

Most Interesting Previous Job

I sold and marketed an Ecuadorian tea leaf called guayusa, cold pitching grocery stores, bodegas and supermarkets from DC to NYC.

Random fact

I lived in Ecuador and speak Spanish.

TV Character I Relate To

Creed from The Office.