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Federal Fiscal Year End Orders

Federal Fiscal Year End Orders

The federal fiscal year is winding down. It’s time to post those final custom parts orders with a vendor known to deliver quality work on the quick. After your order is in, contact your sales rep for support in expediting.

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A Trusted, Approved Government Vendor

Xometry has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, IATF 16949:2016, and AS9100D certifications; In addition, we are ITAR registered and offer CoCs, material certifications, material and process lot traceability, full dimensional reports, inspection reports, and hardware certifications.

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    Time Slips Away. Projects Can’t Slip With It.

    As the federal fiscal year winds down, it’s essential to make those final orders for custom parts. Trust Xometry to deliver what you need before the fiscal year ends

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    Xometry Delivers

    Our massive partner network guarantees availability, resources, and expertise to take on work and turn it around fast.

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    Capacity Isn’t An Issue

    Rely on the resiliency of the Xometry supply chain, which offers large capacity and a deep bench of American manufacturers.

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    World Class Support

    Get engineering and logistical guidance including on the fly DFM engineering support from Xometry experts.

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    Xometry is an Approved Vendor

    Skip the hassle, make the parts you need before the year ends with a trusted, approved production partner.

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    Get started on your quick-turn project

    Xometry is ITAR Certified

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