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Massive Manufacturing Capacity On Demand + A.I.-powered Agile Quoting Engine

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Design. Prototype. Repeat.

Massive Network Capacity

Instantly access the production capacity of over 2,500 manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities across 50 states.

Instant Quoting Engine

Get DFM feedback, lead times, and pricing in a matter of clicks, not days. Xometry IQ puts Big Data to work for you.

Guaranteed Quality

Quality parts delivered at consistently low prices. Guaranteed. Job One is making parts to your specifications.

Hardware Is Hard. Your Supply Chain Doesn't Have To Be.

We get it, hardware is hard. In software development, rapid iteration is critical. In hardware, it is doubly more so but is usually more costly and slower. What if you can accelerate your design iteration cycles, set up production lines, and even run low-volume production of final products, all with zero capital investments?

With Xometry, you can have your hardware and eat it too. Our Machine Learning-trained Instant Quoting Engine (XIQ™) returns a quote in clicks, not days. We employee the latest in Deep Learning techniques to perfect a proprietary platform to enable engineers and product designers to instantly access the capacity of a global network of world-class manufacturing facilities and receive instant DFM feedback, lead times, and pricing on their custom manufacturing jobs.

Design, prototype, repeat. Tap into the power of the Xometry Network for all your supply chain needs.



 Autonomous Driving Startups

Autonomous Driving

 Medical Devices

Medical Devices

3D Print in Chocolate? Yes, Please.

Let's Get Technical

Infographic: 3D Printing Process and Material Decision Guide

Will your 3D printed part be... functional or aesthetic? Metal or rubber-like? Heat resistant? Follow this decision tree to help you choose the best process and material for your project.

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eBook: Mastering Tolerances for Machined Parts

We've compiled our best design tips into this ebook to help you learn how to determine and define CNC tolerances. Read more aobut fits, datums, GD&T, and more to start designing more precise parts for your projects.

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6 Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping, which is often focused on 3D printing, is a modern method of product development that transfers efficiency benefits from manufacturing through to entire design-to-production workflows.

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