Rapid Prototyping Services

For engineers and product designers in search of rapid prototyping services to help beat the competition to market, Xometry offers a variety of manufacturing processes that can be used to create prototypes quickly and affordably. Although there are countless different ways that any individual prototype can be produced, it is ultimately up to the engineer to determine which process and material is best suited to their product. However in recent years, advancements in additive manufacturing technology have made 3D printing a go-to choice for engineers in search of rapid prototyping solutions: parts can be printed quickly and cheaply in a variety of different metals and plastics. At Xometry, some 3D printed parts can be built and shipped in as little as a single day at low cost. 

Xometry's Rapid Prototyping Services

  • Parts produced in 1-3 days
  • Choose from 50+ metals and plastics
  • Low prices and short lead times
  • 3D prototyping and CNC prototyping

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Custom Prototyping Design Guide

With all of today's innovative manufacturing processes, it's important for engineers and designers to understand the strengths and trade-offs of the many approaches to produce prototypes and end-use production parts!

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Manufacturing on Demand

Massive scale when you need it

We integrate seamlessly with over 2,500 vetted manufacturing partners in the US including ITAR qualified facilities. You are no longer subject to the limits of your existing local suppliers. Dynamically scale your manufacturing capacity when you need the flexibility. And Xometry guarantees your custom parts will be built to your specifications.

Extensive capabilities on one platform

Xometry’s Partner Network offers wide-ranging capabilities from CNC Machining, industrial-grade 3D Printing, Sheet Metal, Urethane Casting, and production-grade Injection Molding. All just a click away. We are a leader in 3D rapid prototyping services and are one of the nation's top rapid prototyping manufacturers. 

Fast lead times, low prices, & lightning-fast quoting

Xometry gives you instant pricing, lead times, and DFM on materials and manufacturing processes for your custom parts. Our proprietary pricing software uses Machine Learning to analyze 3D CAD drawings and provide instant feedback on pricing, lead times, and the best process to make your custom parts. We turn around Injection Molding within 24 hours.