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Design Guide: HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D Printing

Use this handy design guide when designing for HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing process.

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HP's Multi Jet Fusion is an extremely exciting, robust, and flexible addition to Xometry's manufacturing capabilities. It's excellent for prototyping, small batch production runs, or as a bridge process to injection molding. It lets you get a feel for how your parts will perform with minimal upfront costs and significant economies of scale. This guide will be an excellent reference resource when optimizing your designs for the process.

A Look Inside at the Table of Contents

  • What is Multi Jet Fusion
  • The Benefits of HP's Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Process
  • Multi Jet Fusion Design Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Limitations to Consider When Printing with Multi Jet Fusion
  • Technical Specifications and General tolerances
  • Available materials
  • Details & Tips on Vapor Smoothing

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