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Design Guide: Laser and Sheet Cutting

We've compiled our best tips into this guide to help you understand laser and sheet cutting processes, how to prepare your files, important design considerations for optimizing your parts for manufacturing, and information about Xometry's sheet cutting services.

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Laser cutting. Image Credit:

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  • What is Sheet Cutting?
  • Sheet Cutting Methods Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Plasma Cutting

2. Preparing a File for Sheet Cutting Raster vs. Vector

  • File Optimization and Guidelines
  • Removing Excess Information
  • Converting Text
  • Common Issues and Errors Scale
  • File Types

3. Design Guidelines For Cut Features General Tolerances

  • Kerf
  • Distance Between Features
  • Minimum Detail Sizes
  • Notches and Slots
  • Assembly Features
  • Designing Text For Cutting
  • Text and Graphics For Engraving
  • Standard Sheet Thickness

4. Materials and Post-Processing Standard Materials

  • Finishes Inserts
  • Part marking

5. Quick Reference Sheets

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