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eBook: How (and Why) to Use a Valve Gate for Injection Molding

This eBook covers everything you should know about valve gating systems, from their definition to their usage and advantages.

an injection molding machine valve gate

The valve gate injection molding technique is an effective and widely accepted approach for large-volume production of plastic components that require top-level quality, such as medical and cosmetic parts. That is because traditional injection molding generally has a disadvantage - the plastic that is injected out of the injection barrel's nozzle tends to run off. Apart from affecting the item’s appearance, this defect might also affect its strength and overall quality. As a result, a method for preventing this drooling effect should be employed, and this is where valve gates come into play. Valve gates are a type of hot runner gates designed with a unique gate pin or valve; their main function is to control the plastic flow into the mold.

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