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Corporate social responsibility is a key component of Xometry’s culture and social mission

Giving Back to the Local Community

At Xometry, we’re proud of our mission to re-energize American manufacturing by making it easy for companies from startups to Fortune 100 companies to access manufacturing on demand from hundreds of manufacturing facilities across the country through our innovative technology platform. Our employees are equally dedicated to giving back to the communities that we call home: Maryland (Washington, D.C. Metro), Kentucky, Georgia, New York, California, Germany, and China.

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Impacting the Globe One Part at a Time

Corporate social responsibility is a key component of Xometry's culture and social mission – that’s why we have partnered with Dot Neutral. This organization matches businesses with carbon offsetting initiatives and renewable energy projects.

We give our customers the option to counteract the rest of their order’s manufacturing carbon footprint by supporting carbon offsetting initiatives and renewable energy projects. This includes the carbon footprint produced in raw material extraction and processing, the transportation of materials and goods along the supply chain, and the energy consumed in fabrication.

Learn more about the Xometry Go Green initiative

    Go Green

    Xometry Impact Fund

    Over the next five years, we are pledging 1% of our equity to create opportunities for underrepresented students and build a more sustainable future. Xometry is proud to stand behind causes ranging from education to environmental conservation to civic responsibility. We've committed to donating 1% of our equity to local organizations over the course of five years. Our present priority is supporting underrepresented communities in STEM across the United States. We will initially focus on organizations in the DMV (DC, MD, and VA), Lexington, KY, and Los Angeles, CA, where our offices are located. Learn more about our DAF.

    Xometry Scholars Program at Howard University

    Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) and the Greater Green Bay Chamber Scholarships

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