Xometry Production 3D Printing

High Quality Production and Industrial 3D Printing | State of the art machines running seven processes | Flexible in-house and external capacity

High Volume Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Your Biggest Jobs

Xometry is the leader in industrial 3D printing applications for industries like aerospace & defense, robotics, medical and more.

Best-In-Class Internal Capacity

Industrial 3D Printing From Xometry

Did you know Xometry has one of the industry’s best-run internal 3D Printing shops? Our expert team has its "hands-on the machines” that make your parts in our ITAR registered, ISO9001:2015 & ASO9100 certified advanced additive facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.

    We have 23 state-of-the-art machines running 24/7 in our facility including:

    • SLS: 2 EOS P396 Machines
    • FDM: 7 Stratasys Fortus 900 series machines and 12 Fortus 450 series machines in-house.
    • Polyjet: 2 Objet Connex 500

    Production Parts That Are Ready to Use

    Xometry’s range of post-processing services ensure that you get parts that are ready for use, not parts that require more work. We install hardware, including metal inserts for plastics, press-fit, heat-press, and Helicoil. We can tap any size holes and our shop tap as many as 400 holes per day. We also do bag & tag, serial identification tags, first article inspections, and have best-in-class shipping and quality performance. With Xometry, you get 3D printed parts that are truly finished.

    Industry-Leading Engineering Support

    Some 3D printing services won’t work with you to ensure you get great parts. Some even require you to check a box that says “part doesn't meet DFM, so may receive my part in pieces." Not at Xometry. We work with the customer to provide design feedback and ensure your part works. We often print test parts to ensure your design can be made. Our skilled in-house additive team, who has decades of experience, will also reach out to you with production updates throughout the process. Our order management software ensures all of your requirements are passed on the team on the floor.

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