PolyJet 3D Printing

Versatile and Fast

PolyJet 3D printing offers one of the most advanced industrial 3D printing solutions available, producing parts with incredible precision and speed.  It also supports a wide variety of build materials.

PolyJet 3D Printing
In as little as 2 business days

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Concept Models

The speed, efficiency, and range of build materials make PolyJet 3D perfect for creating concept models.

Rapid Prototyping

PolyJet 3D can be used to create fully-functional prototypes, complete with moving parts.

Rapid Tooling

PolyJet 3D is ideal for making tools, jigs, and fixtures that can be used in production settings.



Eliminates the multi-stage processes of traditional manufacturing, such as tooling, milling, and creating molds.

Rapid Turnaround

Because PolyJet 3D can create complex and multi-material parts in a single operation, significantly less build time is needed vs. traditional manufacturing.

Rubber-like Flexibility

PolyJet 3D can build vastly different part geometries, unlike traditional processes that would necessitate a complete retooling of an assembly line to produce a different part.

Material Selection

Offers a vast material selection with a range of properties, as well as the ability to print multiple materials and simulate overmolds.

Complex Geometry

Creates complex shapes with a high degree of precision that would otherwise be impossible to build via traditional manufacturing processes.



  • Photopolymer



In addition to the removal of support structures, part surfaces are sanded to remove layer lines from the 3D printing process.


Xometry can provide additional processing and finishes, such as tapped holes, to meet your needs.

PJ3D Design Guide

PJ3D Design Guide

When designing models for 3D printing, they must be saved with specific properties to ensure high-quality results.

Learn about the most common mistakes in designing that lead to unsatisfactory 3D models, and several tips you can use to avoid them. Download your free guide today.

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