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Manufacturing Explained Ep. #3 - Injection Mold Tooling

In this episode of Manufacturing Explained, Xometry’s Greg Paulsen chats with Senior Project Engineer, Matt Magnifico, about injection mold tooling.

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By Nathaniel Miller
April 7, 2022
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Welcome back to the manufacturing explained podcast! In this episode, host Greg Paulsen chats with Matt Magnifico, Senior Project Engineer at Xometry, about a critical and essential component of the injection molding process: the tool. Together, Greg and Matt discuss what the project timelines for the injection molding tool look like, associated costs, and much more. Matt holds a master's degree in biomedical engineering and brings a decade of expert experience as a designer, manufacturer, and quality engineer to the conversation.

A headshot picture of Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller
Hi, I’m Nathan, and I’m the Marketing Content Writer for Xometry. I write and edit a lot of the content produced by Xometry. I’m also the lucky guy who gets to share the accomplishments of engineers working to change their industries and our lives.