Introducing a Better Way to RFQ

Nationwide Manufacturing Network Streamlined RFQ Creation Web-based RFQ Management

How does RFQ on demand work?

With Xometry's new RFQ On Demand service, you can create and send RFQs to our nationwide network of manufacturers with just a 2D drawing and review responses within 7 days. All on an advanced web-based RFQ management platform. Stop wasting time managing RFQs through email and by phone, and start issuing RFQs at scale and in the cloud.

Create RFQs in a Snap
Attach models, drawings, or other documents that specify your part requirements. Add notes for any information not included in the drawings.
Issue RFQs at Scale
After you set all requirements, pay a small fee to send your RFQ to Xometry's nationwide network of qualified Partners. Receive quotes within 7 days.
Review and Select Manufacturer
Compare quotes side by side in our advanced RFQ portal and learn about partners who quoted. Contact manufacturers directly to get production started.

Get started
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Want to learn the ins and outs of RFQ on demand? Read our FAQ.