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Automotive Injection Molding

High-quality custom injection molded parts for the automotive industry. Get $500 off your first mold.

Automotive Injection Molding Services
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Custom Automotive Injection Molding With Xometry

Xometry's injection molding service has decades of experience making plastic parts used in automotive applications. Our strength is in saying "yes" - we help our customers make parts that others can't make. Automotive companies large and small have found value in our highly customized services including:

  • Thorough design for manufacturing (DFM) review of the part design including a tool design review of key elements: parting line, ejector pin, and gate
  • PPAP submissions
  • Broad material selection including custom materials
  • Prototype, bridge tooling, multi-cavity production tooling
  • QMS certification for IATF 16949 and VDA. Systems in compliance with AIAG guidance
  • Multiple process support including overmolding, assembly, customer inserts, heat stake inserts, custom finishes, ultrasonic welding)
  • Material test samples
  • Optimized process development (scientific molding)
  • APQP project support
    Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Mold flow generation and review
  • Tight tolerance achievements for specific characteristics
  • Domestic and overseas options available; Xometry manages the logistics
  • IMDS Submission Support
  • Urethane casting and 3D printing services are also available for testing and prototyping

We also help you navigate the complexities of the injection molding process. Our skilled team of engineers:

  • Understands your end-use (prototype, saleable, low to high volume) and helps identify the right manufacturing solution
  • Guides you through multiple tool trials, including managing design iterations

For your free quote and design-for-manufacturability feedback, please upload your CAD file, or download our Injection Molding Design Guide. We want to earn your business. If you get a lower injection molding quote, send it to us and we will try to beat it.

Xometry's Injection Molding Services

Injection Molded Parts

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Service

Get custom plastic molded prototypes and production parts in as few as five business days. We provide expert engineering reviews and $500 off your first mold. Dozens of materials and finishes are available.
Custom Plastic Injection Molding Service
Overmolding Part

Overmolding Service

High Quality Process for Pilot Runs, Low-Volume Production, and Bridge Tooling
Overmolding Service
Insert Molding

Insert Molding Service

Make Strong, Functional Prototypes and Production Parts With Insert Molding
Insert Molding Service

Mold Class Glossary

Mold Class Glossary

Class 105 tool


Under 500


Prototype only. This mold will be constructed in the least expensive manner possible to produce a very limited quantity of prototype parts. Also known as a Class V tool.


A one-and-done market test of 100 molded units.


Class 104 tool


Under 100,000


Low production mold. Use only for limited production preferably with non-abrasive materials. Low to moderate price range. Also known as a Class IV tool.


Aluminum or MUD tooling, SPI B-3 finish, hand-loaded cores and limited re-runs.


Class 103 tool


Under 500,000


Medium production mold. This is a very popular mold for low to medium production needs. Most common price range. Also known as a Class III tool.


Aluminum or steel tooling, automated lifts or slides, multiple re-runs with batches between 1,000-5,000 units.


Class 102 tool


Under 1,000,000


Medium to high production, good for abrasive materials and/or parts requiring close tolerance. This is a high quality, fairly high priced mold. Also known as a Class II tool.


Steel tooling with an SPI A-2 finish, automated slides, scheduled production cycles.


Class 101 tool


Over 1,000,000


Built for extremely high production. This is the highest-priced mold and is made with only the highest quality materials. Also known as a Class I tool.


Multiple-cavity steel tooling with full automation and overnight production workcenters for dedicated part manufacturing.

The injection molding industry often defines molds by their class. This goes from Class 105, a prototype mold (e.g., a 100 piece one-and-done market test), to Class 101, which is built for extremely high production (e.g., making tens-of-millions contact lens cases). Xometry typically produces Class 104, 103, and 102 tools.

Automotive Injection Molding Finishes
Standard Finish

Moldmaker's choice of finish. Typically SPI B-3 to D-3 depending on geometry and drafts. Interior, non-cosmetic faces, are typically as-machined.

MoldTech Finishes

Range of finishes including matte, swirls, lines, and patterns. Finishes include: MoldTech - MT11010 MoldTech - MT11020 MoldTech - MT11030 MoldTech - MT112XX MoldTech - MT114XX MoldTech - MT116XX

SPI Finishes

Range of finishes from Grade 3 diamond / high polish to 320 stone low polish. Finishes include: SPI A-1 SPI A-2 SPI A-3 SPI B-1 SPI B-2 SPI B-3 SPI C-1 SPI C-2 SPI C-3 SPI D-1

As Molded

No secondary polishing or grinding. Part will show tooling marks.

Other Mold Texturing

Xometry can match other mold textures upon request.

Injection molding services

Ready to get started on your custom auto injection molding quote?

Automotive Injection Molding Applications

auto line
Rapid Prototyping
auto line

Using low-cost tooling allows molded parts to be produced very rapidly and cost-effectively--even when compared to 3D printing

Production Parts
injection molding parts

Molding is best known for producing production parts in the many thousands or even millions.

Why Choose Xometry for Automotive Injection Molding?

Massive Network Capacity

Endless Options

Choose from millions of possible combinations of materials, finishes, injection molding tolerances, markings, and certifications, including ISO 13485, for your order.

Quoting Engine

Easy to Use

Get your parts delivered right to your door without the hassle of sourcing, project management, logistics, or shipping.

Guaranteed Quality

Vetted Network

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and AS9100D compliant. Only the top machine shops that apply to become suppliers make it through our qualification process.

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