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Get to market faster with Xometry's rapid prototyping and production services for the medical industry

Trusted by over 86% of the Fortune 500 medical products and equipment companies

Xometry works with leading medical device makers, wearable tech startups, suppliers, and research labs to accelerate rapid prototyping and dynamically scale manufacturing capacity. Over 86% of Fortune 500 medical products and equipment companies depend on our production capabilities such as industrial-grade 3D printing, high-tech CNC machining processes, and advanced medical injection molding for rapid prototyping, product testing, custom tooling, and custom design manufacturing.

Turbocharge the way you make custom parts

Massive Network Capacity

Instantly access the production capacity of over 5,000 manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities across 46 US states and around the world.

Instant Quoting Engine

Get DFM feedback, lead times, and pricing in a matter of clicks, not days. Xometry IQ℠ puts Big Data to work for you.

Guaranteed Quality

Quality parts delivered at consistently low prices. Guaranteed. Job One is making parts to your specifications.

Top medical applications

  • Ventilator parts
  • Models for clinical training and surgical planning
  • Highly variable, low-volume production runs with high-precision tolerances
  • Custom tooling brackets and chassis for medical manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping of medical devices using additive manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping of medical devices using CNC Machining
  • Custom fixturing
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Trusted by industrial engineers and designers at

Over 86% of the Fortune 500

medical products and equipment companies

Medical device manufacturers • Healthcare providers • Life sciences • Biotechnology corporations • Pharmaceutical companies • Diagnostics equipment manufacturers • Surgical and medical instrument manufacturers • Surgical appliance manufacturers and suppliers • Hospital operators

"One of the main project challenges at the Molecular Cancer Imaging Center Institute of Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Hospital at the Department of Nuclear Medicine is to develop novel compounds on novel synthesizer modules used in cancer research. Xometry has been a great resource of generating these amazing 3D parts to make the impossible possible. Thank you guys!"
—Erol Bars, MCIF/DFCI/BWH/Isolab Technology LLC
"Your prices are competitive and the quality is very good too. I look forward to building a long relationship with Xometry."
—Daryll, Medical Device Company

Resources for medical on-demand manufacturing

Xometry's Injection Molding Solutions for the Medical Industry

Xometry's network has decades of experience with plastic injection molding for parts used in medical applications. Our strength is helping our customers make complex parts that our competitors can't make.

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Case Study: Medical Robot Built by Galen Robotics Prototyping With Xometry

With manufacturing services from Xometry, this California-based start-up is changing the medical device and robotics industries with a robot that steadies hand tremors during surgery.

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Case Study: Xometry Helps Zaiput Build Flow Technology for the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Zaiput Flow Technologies, a chemical separation and extraction equipment company, is using quickly sourced, medical-grade custom parts from Xometry to improve its supply chain and better serve its customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Xometry can help you make:

Anatomical models | Biopsy devices | Blood glucose testing components | Bone screws | Brackets |Cardiovascular application tools | Catheter rings | Catheters | Chassis | Components for brain surgery, dental, ophthalmology, and robotic/non-invasive surgical equipment | Cytometers | Dental chair parts | Dialysis machines | Disposable polycarbonate cleaning tabs | Drill guides | Electrical circuitry (Wireless ECG) | Electronic housings | Endoscopy components | Engineered heart tissue biomechanics testing components | Engineered heart tissue manufacturing components | Equipment enclosure and tool housings for clinical trials | Equipment enclosure and tool housings for operating room | Equipment for producing diagnostic test cells | Equipment skins | Face shields | Fluid flow | Frames | GE ultrasound components | General medical device prototypes | Hand tools for surgery | Handles | Hardware components | Heart stents | Heat sink extrusions | Housings | Individual components for ventilator equipment | Kovar and Invar lens holders | Large needles | Lens mounts for glasses | Machine components | Mammography equipment | Medical bed parts | Medical beds/ mattresses | Medical carts | Medical housings | Medical imaging equipment | Medical seating | Medical table parts | MRI tables | Opthalmic parts | Optical components for blood analysis equipment | Orthopedic alignment instruments | Orthopedic hand tools | Orthopedic Instrument | Parts for medical robots | Patient comfort products | Personal care items | pharmaceutical | Pivot joints | Plastic rollers for blood transfusion machines | Pliers for surgery | Precision CNC machined parts | Pulsed light control chassis | Robotic pipettors | Robotic surgery systems | Sensor housings and components | Stents | Stent delivery systems | Sterilizing trays | Surgical carts | Surgical equipment | Surgical eye components | Surgical guide | Surgical holding fixtures | Surgical pins | Surgical planning models | Surgical tools | Surgical trays | Surgical trolley | Test instruments |Testing equipment | Titanium blood transfer ports | Ultrasound tooling and equipment parts | Upgrade components | X-ray machine components | X-ray units digital imaging | X-ray units (non-digital imaging)