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Xometry Palladium Plating Services

Xometry Palladium Plating Service

Get Quotes in Two Hours and Parts Finished in as Fast as 2 Days. MIL-P-45209, ASTM B679 Available.

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Palladium Plating Overview

Palladium is a rare metal known for its lustrous, bluish-silver appearance. It has low density and a low melting point and at room temperature does not oxidize. The koop hardness of palladium can be as high as 400. Palladium is useful in applications where the prevention of an oxide formation is necessary. In some cases, it can also act as a stand-in for gold plating, providing great performance at a lower price. Palladium, like gold, has very good solderability characteristics and is good for electroplating large and small parts. Palladium plating can also be considered in a multi-plating process. Specifications: MIL-P-45209, ASTM B679.

  • Atomic symbol: Pd
  • Atomic mass: 106.42
  • Atomic number: 46
  • Boiling point: 5,365°F
  • Melting point: 2,831°F
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Access a deep network of world-class palladium platers, helping you find the suppliers you need at competitive prices.

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  • AS 9100D
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ITAR
  • RoHS

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