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Platinum Plating Services

Platinum, one of the transition metals, is an excellent choice for electroplating. It is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and is both conductive and chemically stable.

Platinum is a silver-white metal that was once known as "white gold." It is highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion and is quite soft and malleable. This makes it ductile and easy to shape or stretch into wire. It is also unreactive, which means it does not oxidize and is not affected by most common acids.


  • GE-F70J-WB2

    Platinum Key Facts

    • Symbol: Pt
    • Relative atomic mass: 195.1
    • Atomic number: 78
    • Boiling point: 6,917°F
    • Melting point: 3,215.1°F
    • Density: 12.4

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