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Manufacturing Explained Ep. #5: The Maker’s Space

A headshot picture of Nathaniel Miller
Written by
Nathan Miller
 1 min read
Edited February 14, 2023

In the newest episode of Manufacturing Explained, Host Greg Paulsen sits down with maker's space cofounder Doug Clarke to discuss the importance of maker spaces.

Episode #5: The Maker's Space

Join host Greg Paulsen for an in-depth conversation about maker’s spaces with Doug Clarke, a skilled maker with experience as a welder, machinist, waterjet operator, and cofounder of a maker’s space in Lexington, KY, called Kre8Now. Together, Greg and Doug will answer questions like “What’s a maker?”, “Where do makers sit in the manufacturing world?” and “What does it take to train a maker to become a professional machinist?”.

A headshot picture of Nathaniel Miller
Nathan Miller
Hi, I'm Nathan, a Marketing Content Writer at Xometry; I help tell the stories of our customers and how Xometry helps them build their big ideas.

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