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A waterjet cut aluminum "Xometry" sign

Check out This Stunning Sheet Metal Sign in Xometry’s Lexington Office

Learn how Xometry’s own Doug Clark fabricated a beautiful blue sign with waterjet-cut aluminum, MDF wood, and a blue epoxy resin.

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By Nathaniel Miller
April 12, 2022
 2 min read
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After the opening of our new office in Lexington, KY, Xometry’s very own Doug Clarke wanted to celebrate and find a creative way set the tone for visitors as they entered the office. With the help of a waterjet and material offerings from Xometry, Doug designed a beautiful sheet metal Xometry sign for the office entrance. Doug built the new sign using a combination of aluminum, MDF wood, and epoxy resin. After finalizing the design, Doug waterjet cut 3 different facades for the sign out of aluminum. He then used a CNC router to cut out the structural backing from the MDF board. After the aluminum and MDF pieces were combined, the characters were filled with epoxy resin matching the signature Xometry blue colors to bring it all together and complete the look. The finished product is a beautiful sign that we are proud to display to our employees and visitors at the front entrance of our Lexington office!

Xometry drives innovations across the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries and is trusted by large partners from BMW to NASA. Xometry is a flexible digital manufacturing marketplace that is proud to drive full-scale production for larger clients and support the work of makers like Doug Clarke, giving them the tools they need to craft their creations.

A headshot picture of Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller
Hi, I’m Nathan, and I’m the Marketing Content Writer for Xometry. I write and edit a lot of the content produced by Xometry. I’m also the lucky guy who gets to share the accomplishments of engineers working to change their industries and our lives.