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18 Manufacturing Jobs with $100K+ Salaries

From process engineering to technical product manager, these are the hottest jobs in manufacturing.

Xomety X
By Team Xometry
October 5, 2022
 8 min read
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April 18, 2024
 12 min read

Manufacturing is not only a necessary part of industry, but it is white-hot right now. As a result of global supply chain disruption, American companies are making the manufacturing field more attractive by offering higher salary packages to potential employees. Combined with the many innovative technologies being deployed in manufacturing, these high-paying positions can also supercharge your career. 

Let’s explore manufacturing jobs across industries that pay more than a $100k salary. Below, you’ll discover what makes these jobs so compelling. We’ve also included basic information about the sectors and who nominated these positions using our $100K Manufacturing Job Nominations Survey. Submit your nominations here for a chance to be included in the article.

1. Process Engineer

Industry Area: Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Why this is a cool job: Process engineers get to own manufacturing processes and make a difference in overall product quality. They become experts in manufacturing technology and stay open-minded by continuously looking to learn new things about the processes they optimize. 

Nominated by: Ben Watts from Wayner Rubber

2. CNC Engineer

Industry Area: Machinery Manufacturing

Why this is a cool job: CNC engineers create useful objects from raw materials, creating something from nothing. They consistently learn new skills and keep up-to-date on emerging technologies. They also get to work on some of the most vital and important aspects of industrial projects by fabricating with cutting-edge materials and machines. 

Nominated by: Vickie Dimichele from Zebra Skimmers

3. Safety, Health, and Environmental Consultant

Industry Area: Quality and Verification

Why this is a cool job: Safety, health, and environmental consultants gain a vast amount of experience and knowledge by obtaining clients in various industrial and manufacturing settings and growing their network in new industries. This position allows consultants to observe manufacturing processes, see how companies handle hazardous waste, and gain insight into the day-to-day operations of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Nominated by: Perry J. Patton from Occupational Safety and Health Associates Corp. (OSHA CORP)

4. Manufacturing Maintenance Engineering

Industry Area: Supply Chain, Robotics, and Industrial Manufacturing 

Why this is a cool job: Manufacturing maintenance engineers work on robotics, injection molding, PLC programming, automation tools, electronics, smart utility systems, and other hot technologies. They also work alongside supply chain experts to help bolster logistics endeavors in a variety of fields. 

Nominated by: Jon Livingston from Affordable Same Day Service LLC

5. Automation Engineer

Industry Area: Automation and Robotics

Why this is a cool job: Automation engineers are given opportunities for project leadership within entrepreneurial environments. From brainstorming on a napkin sketch with the executive teams to specifying the required technology, installation, and programming, they lead successful manufacturing launches. Engineers get to be an integral part of various manufacturing processes like polymer injection molding, extrusion, CNC die cutting, additive manufacturing, and more.

Nominated by: John Demjanjuk from ResourceONE

6. Robotics Field Service Engineer

Industry Area: Automation and Robotics

Why this is a cool job: This cutting-edge job combines technical acumen, robotics, and customer service all into one. Robotics field service engineers serve critical roles in "front line" support teams, where they help manufacturers with any issues that might arise with their automation systems. This role is also a unique chance to join a fast-growing "Robotics-as-a-Service" wave that is sweeping supply chains and warehouses across the United States.

Nominated by: Alex Koepsel from Formic Technologies

7. Senior Energy Manager - Transportation

Industry Area: Energy and Transportation

Why this is a cool job: Senior energy managers work in an industrial sales role to develop, implement, and execute strategies for new revenue generation for the transportation sector, which accounts for ~20% of global GHG emissions. By working to optimize transportation and energy sectors, these professionals directly help decarbonize manufacturing in the effort to achieve national GHG reduction goals as outlined by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Nominated by: Rob Brockel from Generac Power Systems

8. Director of Operations

Industry Area: Multiple 

Why this is a cool job: A director of operations is a professional who manages the daily activities of a company by overseeing several departments at the same time, gaining an overall picture of day-to-day operations. They are responsible for directing actions across an organization and guiding managers to improve efficiency and reduce costs as needed, having a sizable impact on the operational efficiency of the company.

Nominated by: Lorine Castle from QPC Fiber Optic, LLC

9. Technical Product Manager

Industry Area: Product Development 

Why this is a cool job: The most interesting aspect of a technical product manager’s role is assessing new technologies like robotics, smart equipment, and other tools in a context that finds the balance between the practical and the factory-ready, all while keeping pace with new technological advancements. A core piece of this job is constant networking with the brightest minds in the factory automation industry to scout the latest and greatest technologies in their specific field.

Nominated by: Vilma Jaku from Formic Technologies

10. 5 Axis Mastercam CNC Programmer

Industry Area: Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Why this is a cool job: 5 Axis Mastercam CNC programmers operate factory machines that turn raw materials into functional objects and are chiefly responsible for the quality and outcome of CNC-machined parts. They read and interpret design blueprints, program the CNC machine, and adjust the machine settings until the desired specifications are met, offering a position that rewards hard work with a satisfying end product.

Nominated by: Rod Miller from

11. General Manager

Industry Area: Multiple

Why this is a cool job: As the liaison between corporate and operational arms of businesses, general managers interact directly with a variety of employees. They have a significant influence on the company’s outlook. The vital experience they gain also transfers to other jobs and industries. General managers make decisions that are critical to the business, so they are highly valued team members and are treated as such.

Nominated by: Raouf from DocShipper

12. Tool Room Foreperson

Industry Area: Multiple

Why this is a cool job: This is an active, interesting job that involves leading people, managing projects, mentoring apprentices, and working with designers and tool makers. Tool room foremen oversee every tool, consumable, and piece of equipment in the tool room, making sure each follows proper check-in/check-out procedures and each is in working order before use. They ensure the right tools and goods are available at the right time, and they act as a vital support role for their fellow employees and managers. 

Nominated by: Heather Black from The Rodon Group

13. Reliability Engineer

Industry Area: Quality and Verification

Why this is a cool job: Reliability engineers touch all equipment that requires regular maintenance within the facility to ensure it operates efficiently. They use all manner of risk management tools, data analysis, and inspection tests to make sure equipment is safe and functioning. Reliability engineers perform the nuts-and-bolts tasks that are fundamental to the success of the business, making it an engaging and satisfying position.  

Nominated by: Raymond Zimmerman

14. Plant Manager

Industry Area: Industrial Manufacturing

Why this is a cool job: The Plant Manager is responsible for the health and the running of the manufacturing facility, overseeing the production process and managing teams. Plant managers gain excellent people skills, strong knowledge of manufacturing processes, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to coordinate and collaborate with subject matter experts in different departments.  

Nominated by: Heather Black from The Rodon Group

15. Senior Human Resources Manager

Industry Area: Multiple

Why this is a cool job: A senior HR manager recruits new talent for businesses and designs employee and company policies to meet the objectives of the HR team. They shape employee brand strategy and directly influence employees compensation and benefits. They get to evaluate many unique applicants and determine which of them are best suited for company objectives, all while contributing to a healthier work environment. 

Nominated by: Gretchen Lindlau from Ellsworth Corporation

16. Senior Audit Manager

Industry Area: Multiple

Why this is a cool job: A senior audit manager is the primary contributor to the good standing of a company, providing internal and external annual audit planning, generating and presenting supervisory committee presentations, and creating an overall atmosphere of teamwork, trust, and motivation. Senior audit managers get to help in many areas of a business by optimizing training and day-to-day tasks while also tracking and evaluating complex issues that arise over time. Their work is fundamental to the business and offers opportunities for both their own success and the success of all employees.

Nominated by: Deni Toomey from Baker Tily

17. Senior Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project Manager

Industry Area: Multiple

Why this is a cool job: A senior ERP project manager is chiefly responsible for the integration and maintenance of ERP applications and software. In this role, they perform such tasks that combine computer science, project management, and forecasting and budgeting. They operate and grow a business through its ERP implementation, serving clients, developing the best people for specific roles, and shaping company culture. Their work allows them to collaborate with many departments on a variety of detail-oriented and big-picture projects.

Nominated by: Amy Harrison from Baker Tilly

18. Header Operator

Industry Area: Manufacturing

Why this is a cool job: Header operators work cold heading machinery used to fabricate basic components like bolts, screws, washers, and more. They are at the helm of these machines, loading materials, ensuring the right diameter ratios and alignments, and assessing quality with each engine stroke. Header operators gain an intimate and practical understanding of how metals and plastics operate under stress as well as a variety of skills in machine operation. 

Nominated by: Mike McGuire from

Submit your nominations here for a chance to be included in the article.

Xomety X
Team Xometry
This article was written by various Xometry contributors. Xometry is a leading resource on manufacturing with CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, injection molding, urethane casting, and more.