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a picture of Nexa3D's ultrafast XiP 3D printer

Video Case Study: Xometry Helps Bring Nexa3D’s XiP to Market Quickly

Learn how Xometry helped Nexa3D usher in the next stage of additive manufacturing with the introduction of the XiP desktop 3D printer.

A headshot picture of Nathaniel Miller
By Nathaniel Miller
February 16, 2023
 1 min read
Desing Reference Poster: Sheet Material Selection Guide
March 28, 2023

Nexa3D, a rising star in the additive manufacturing space, released a desktop-sized printer boasting impressive production capabilities in 2022. In order to bring this product to market on time, they needed a partner that could manufacture parts from a variety of processes and help guide them through the product development process.

In this video case study, learn how Nexa3D sourced critical components and scaled their product line with Xometry’s on-demand digital manufacturing marketplace.

A headshot picture of Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller
Hi, I’m Nathan, and I’m the Marketing Content Writer for Xometry. I write and edit a lot of the content produced by Xometry. I’m also the lucky guy who gets to share the accomplishments of engineers working to change their industries and our lives.