Get a 3D CAD File Made For Your Project

Xometry customers now have access to ZVerse's CAD as a Service design platform, which combines machine learning with expert designers to provide the fastest path from idea to 3D printable file.

Amazing 3D Files Made Fast

Create a New 3D File

Define and create your new project on our co-branded easy to use customer portal.

Optimize an Existing 3D File

In some cases, a 3D file is not ready to be manufactured. ZVerse will work with you to get your file into a manufacturable state. Free up your team to focus on high-value projects and let our tech handle the time-consuming supplier selection process.

3D File Format Conversion

Need to convert your 3D file into another format? ZVerse will help you do that. Xometry handles all of your custom part manufacturing needs, including post-processing, with easy one-click payments.

How the ZVerse Partnership Works

1. Create a 3D File

Create a 3D file from requirements you set out on ZVerse's customer portal.

2. Optimize a 3D File

Make an existing 3D file that's not manufacturable into one that can be made with excellence.

3. Save your 3D file in a new format.

Save your 3D file in a new format.

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