Podcast Roundup: Summer 2020 | MCAD Cafe, Advanced Manufacturing, and 5 More

We've been busy chatting with podcast hosts about manufacturing as a service, responses to COVID-19 with PPE, distributed manufacturing, Xometry's role in supply chains, and more.

By Team Xometry · August 12, 2020

Below, we're highlighting seven recent podcasts featuring some of Xometry's foremost manufacturing leaders. Topics include manufacturing as a service (MaaS), responses to COVID-19 with PPE, distributed manufacturing, Xometry's role in supply chains, and more.

MCAD Cafe Bunker BroadCast (Video)

Featuring: Xometry Director of Application Engineering, Greg Paulsen

Sanjay Gangal from MCAD Cafe interviews Xometry’s Greg Paulsen to talk about Xometry's distributed manufacturing platform and the COVID-19 response for PPE. They discuss the speed of 3D printing and also its limitations for scaling, using an example of moving to a die cut face shield that can be produced by the thousands daily. They continue the discussion on how engineers use Xometry for high-level specified parts for aerospace, including critical components for NASA heading to the International Space Station.

Listen now: MCADCafe Bunker BroadCast

Advanced Manufacturing Now | The Growth of Manufacturing as a Service

Featuring: Xometry Director of Application Engineering, Greg Paulsen

SME’s Bruce Morey interviews Paulsen on what Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) is, and how Xometry connects buyers and suppliers through its platform while also assuring quality. They discuss how the pandemic has disrupted both sides of the supply chain, with local shops shut down and companies dispersing to at-home working. Paulsen explains how their MaaS platform enables buyers to keep “business as usual” with getting custom parts produced while also being a critical revenue source for small business manufacturers who have typically relied on their local customer base.

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Unprofessional Engineering | EP203: What Is Distributed Manufacturing?

Featuring: Xometry Director of Application Engineering, Greg Paulsen

Enjoy the banter of James and Luke of Unprofessional Engineering as they bring Greg Paulsen on for his third appearance on the show. They discuss distributed manufacturing, what it is, and why is it important—especially right now and moving into a new normal the future will hold. Paulsen talks about how partners enroll in joining Xometry’s manufacturing network and their “crawl, then walk, then run” strategy for onboarding to train and assure quality. They talk about many of the free resources Xometry holds from design guides to videos aimed at educating designers, engineers, and manufacturers on a variety of topics.

Listen on: Unprofessional Engineering, Soundcloud, Youtube

The Manufacturing Show | How Custom Manufacturing Helps Re-Shore Supply Chains

Featuring: Xometry Director of Application Engineering, Greg Paulsen

Todd Hockenberry from The Manufacturing Show interviews Greg Paulsen on the future of manufacturing supply chains. They discuss how Xomtery is taking the pain out of the procurement process by managing a redundant and geographically spaced supply chain of expert manufacturers all with instant pricing upfront. They also talk about how to target engineers, procurement, buyers, and other target audiences for their platform. Paulsen speaks to his learnings on moving from a technical manufacturing leader to building digital content for engineers like design guides (like the newest Sheet Metal Fabrication guide), articles, and Xometry’s FAQ.

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Digital Engineering | Fictiv, Xometry Discuss Manufacturing Interruptions from COVID-19

Featuring: Xometry CEO, Randy Altschuler

Kenneth Wong of Digital Engineering interviews Xometry’s CEO, Randy Altschuler, and Fictiv’s COO, Jean Olivieri, on their observations and manufacturing trends during the pandemic. Altschuler discusses supply chain shuffling and some of the trends during the pandemic such as on-shoring and localized production of PPE. He also talks about the risks of many supply chains being too geographically dependent and how they have been slowed down or at a full stop, in some cases, during the global shutdowns. He speaks about how platforms like Xometry have become strategic suppliers by distributing manufacturing for high redundancy and capacity. Olivieri discusses some of the complacency in the supply chain that, even before the pandemic, have found disruptions through customs, tariffs, and other policy-based challenges of imported manufacturing.

Listen on: Digital Engineering, ‎Apple Podcasts, Google Play

The Kula Ring | The Digital Strategy of a Network Manufacturing Platform

Featuring: Xometry Vice President of Marketing, Aaron Lichtig

Kula Ring’s Carman Pirie and Jeff White interview Xometry’s VP of Marketing, Aaron Lichtig, on how he has used content marketing and other strategies to grow their business. Lichtig explains Xometry’s platform (with a lean on customer acquisition strategy) by emphasizing value propositions, ease of use, and the manufacturing and procurement problems that the platform solves. They discuss digital marketing, what has worked, and where Xometry is going.

Listen on: Kula Partners

Sweet Fish Media | How an Interview-Based YouTube Show Opened Doors for an Emerging Brand

Featuring: Xometry Vice President of Marketing, Aaron Lichtig

This podcast features another great interview by Sweet Fish Media’s Logan Lyles with Xometry’s Aaron Lichtig on the “OK Xoomer” YouTube series. This episode discusses the origin of OK Xoomer and how it was able to rapidly grow from a “minimum viable product,” or MVP, to dozens of interviews in a very short period of time. With a lean on customer acquisition and content marketing, Lichtig discusses how the show can start open doors through “content-based networking.”

Listen on: Sweet Fish Media

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