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manufacturing explained ep. 4 - the 3D printing process

Manufacturing Explained Ep. 4 - The 3D Printing Process

In the newest episode of Manufacturing Explained, Host Greg Paulsen sits down with additive expert Tommy Lynch to explore the 3D printing process.

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By Nathan Miller
April 27, 2022
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February 28, 2024
 10 min read

Join host Greg Paulsen for an in-depth conversation about 3D printing with Tommy Lynch, Senior Application Engineer and additive expert at Xometry. Together, Greg and Tommy explore what 3D printing is; what differences in both equipment and mindset exist between 3D printing service providers and hobbyists; and what Tommy's favorite additive processes and approaches are. Tommy Lynch has over 15 years of experience in additive manufacturing, from operating additive industrial manufacturing equipment to consulting clients on how to optimize their designs for 3D printing.

A headshot picture of Nathaniel Miller
Nathan Miller
Hi, I'm Nathan, a Marketing Content Writer at Xometry; I help tell the stories of our customers and how Xometry helps them build their big ideas.