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ResourcesBlogXometry Announces Recipients of the 2019 Excellence In Manufacturing Awards
Xometry's Excellence in Manufacturing Award Banner 2019

Xometry Announces Recipients of the 2019 Excellence In Manufacturing Awards

Xometry announces recipients of the 2019 Excellence in Manufacturing Awards. The Awards honor top Partners in Xometry’s manufacturing network for their commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

This is William Krueger and his dog, Bosley. Part of Xometry's amazing team in Lexington.
By William Krueger
September 17, 2020
 2 min read
Case Study: Working with Xometry Helps 557 Form Keep All its Parts in Motion
June 7, 2024
 6 min read

Xometry, the largest global on-demand marketplace for custom manufacturing, announced today the winners of the annual Xometry Excellence in Manufacturing Awards. The honorees represent the top tier of Xometry’s network of over 4,000 manufacturing partners based on the performance in delivering high-quality parts on time throughout 2019.

“We are excited to recognize our top-performing Partners,” said Jenn Ryan, Xometry’s Vice President of Network Operations. “Xometry Partners are the backbone of our business, sharing our commitment to delivering high-quality work to our diverse customer base of engineers and designers across the country.”

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Xometry for the Xometry Excellence in Manufacturing Awards,” Said Todd White of Todd White Metal Works. “I'm so grateful for the platform they have created and the peace of mind it brings me, knowing they will always have the right work available for the continued growth of my business!“

Xometry's Instant Quoting EngineTM allows customers to easily quote and order custom manufactured parts online across a multitude of manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, 3D printing, and sheet metal fabrication. The parts are then sourced through their global network over 4,000 vetted manufacturers.

There is no cost for manufacturers to join the Xometry Partner Network. Using data and advanced machine learning algorithms, Partners are shown jobs that best fit their shop’s capabilities, eliminating the time spent chasing work. The Xometry Supplies marketplace is fully integrated with the Partner Portal to provide Partners access to best-in-class materials and tools, the ability to purchase materials and tools with interest-free, deferred payments, and 2-day shipping. This is complemented by priority access to Xometry’s new Lightning-Fast Finishing Services, creating a one-stop solution for all of their Partner’s business and manufacturing needs.

To learn more about Xometry’s Partner Network or to apply to become a Partner, please visit You can read an overview of the Xometry Excellence In Manufacturing Awards here.

This is William Krueger and his dog, Bosley. Part of Xometry's amazing team in Lexington.
William Krueger
As a digital marketing specialist, William works with all forms of media from photography and video to content writing and graphic design to tell the story of American manufacturing. He holds a B.A. in Communication from Wittenberg University.

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