Acetal Copolymer Blind Flange

Acetal Copolymer Blind Flanges, or solid flanges, are made to order and custom cut on our waterjet, giving you smooth and clean edges every time! Acetal Blind Flanges are used to block of sections of a piping system that is no longer in use. All Acetal Blind Flanges are processed oversized with our standard cut tolerances. For .25” and thicker Plastic Plate, Acetal Blind Flanges will have a maximum outer dimension of 60”, for Plate thinner than .25” the max outer dimension is 47”. See our spec table below for more details!

Save time and money by ordering custom cut Acetal Blind Flanges with Xometry Supplies!

6061-T6 Blind Flange

Max Diameter Max Thickness Material or ASTM Specifications Cut Tolerances Country of Origin Certifications                                                                                                                                                                                        

Thickness < 1/4":     47.5"

Thickness >= 1/4":    60"    

3" AMS QQ-A-250/11

A : - 0, +.125"

B : +/- .125"

C : -.125, +0

RUS Mill Reports Reach & ROHS Certifications                                                                                                                                                                                        

DFARS/ITAR compliant materials available upon request. Additional processing time may be required. To request, contact Customer Service: or 833-966-3879.

Product is raw material and not meant for use as a finished or cosmetic surface, additional processing may be needed. Due to material handling and processing may have surface scratches. 

All measurements are in inches.



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