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Sourcing supplies and waiting on delivery can take a ton of valuable work time away from a shop whose lifeblood is time spent machining. With Xometry Supplies, you receive instant pricing and shipping information on all available materials and tooling. When you order with us, planning for production is easier.

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Industrial supplies. Priced competitively. Delivered quickly.

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Aluminum 6061-T6

Get materials expertly processed to your standards—including custom cuts and blanks. We use a combination of good tech and elbow grease to move fast and deliver materials efficiently.

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Machine Tooling

Purchase high-quality machine tooling sourced from respected brands like OSG, Brubaker, HTC, and Viking. From taps, drills, and end mills, buy the tools you need and get them on time.

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Competitive pricing without compromise

Skip the usual markup on machine tooling and materials. With a tech-forward model, a nimble organization, and built-in bulk discounts our pricing is always among the best around. Even on custom cuts, you can expect to pay less without compromising on speed or standards.

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Estimated Delivery Times

Procurement that keeps pace with your shop

Get same-day shipping on all orders processed before Noon EST, including standard and custom cuts of aluminum. We aim to bring you competitively priced materials with aggressive processing times. That way, you can spend your time making products, not ordering supplies.

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Ordering on the go

Order the supplies you need quickly on our responsive mobile site. From enjoying your morning coffee to working the shop floor, our easy-to-use mobile site gets you off the internet and back to the tasks at hand.

*Though it’s tempting, we do not condone operating heavy machinery while ordering from the Xometry Supplies mobile site.

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What our customers are saying

"A one-stop shop for all raw materials that you know has a fair price, shipping costs, and very quick turnaround to support the quick turnarounds that Xometry requires.”

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Upfront pricing without having to call and get a quote.”

Xometry Supplies customer

“If I could get what is needed in a few days and not a week that would be great!”

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