How Instant Quoting is Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

In the realm of manufacturing, time is an element that can be as valuable to a manufacturer’s bottom line as cost and price. And in an industry that is becoming more digital and agile each day, time is more valuable than ever.

By Shilpa Garg · October 11, 2018

In the realm of manufacturing, time is an element that can be as valuable to a manufacturer’s bottom line as cost and price. Manufacturing involves a lot more than machining, printing, or molding. When it comes to vetting, contacting, and managing local suppliers, a lot of traditional work in manufacturing takes a lot of time.

And in an industry that is becoming more digital and agile each day, time is more valuable than ever.

The Old Way of Manufacturing

At Xometry, we heard frustration from product designers, engineers and procurement officers that it was too difficult and time-consuming to find the optimal manufacturing solution for their custom part needs.

Reaching out to their local supplier network could take weeks to months, and require multiple individual follow-ups through both phone and email. Files had to be sent back and forth, quotes had to be compared between various vendors, and then the selected vendor for the project had to be closely managed. All this to finally receive their parts after a very manual and time-consuming process. And when the next project rolled around, it was time to do it all again.

The question then arose: how do we streamline this process to make it more efficient for all parties involved?

Hello, Instant Quoting

Xometry’s unique instant quoting platform was created to solve this very problem.

Instant quoting, by nature, cuts out a majority of the back-and-forth manual legwork professionals were putting into pricing parts for every single project. Instead of waiting for someone at each machine shop to sit down and spend several hours calculating how much material and labor goes into a project, instant quoting enlists Computational Geometry algorithms to calculate these variables in a matter of seconds. Machine Learning enables the system to grow smarter and adapt over time, to guarantee accurate and fair pricing for both the customer and the manufacturer.

At Xometry, we not only utilize this data to analyze your designs and render your quotes, but we also manage the entire manufacturing process that follows afterward. Our massive network of over 2,400 manufacturing partners allows us to give you the best match in capability, lead time, and pricing. We then act as the manager of the manufacturer creating your parts which means you receive the highest-quality parts, guaranteed, thanks to our in-house vetting and inspection processes.

At the end of the day, the parts you receive in hand are the main goal for us all. Instant quoting allows that process to be more pain-free than ever before.

Xometry enables you to save time and money across the entire part lifecycle. Bring products to market faster and more often, and innovate more reliably, with Xometry. Get your next instant quote today.

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