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Featured Video: On-Demand Webinar: Mastering Tolerances for Machined Parts

Are general tolerances good enough? When does it make sense to call out for tighter tolerances? Do you need a better understanding of fits, datums, or GD&T? Join Xometry’s Director of Applications Engineering, Greg Paulsen, and VP of Manufacturing, Jason McClure, for a discussion on machining tolerances, why they are important, and best practice guidelines for your CAD and drawings.

Choosing materials, preparing for injection molding, and more

On-Demand Webinar: Selecting the Right 3D Printing Material
On-Demand Webinar: Should You Take 3D Printing to Production?
On-Demand Webinar: Is Your Project Ready for Injection Molding?


I've talked trends, processes, digital manufacturing, and more as a featured guest on these podcasts

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In Unprofessional Engineering's podcast, I talk about all things Xometry. This means: how to harness Xometry's powerful instant quoting, engineering live support and design resources, our partner network, and how Xometry is revolutionizing manufacturing.

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3DPrint.com podcast
3DPOD Episode 11: Interview with Xometry’s Greg Paulsen on 3D Printing Applications and Processes
Unprofessional Engineering, EP#151
Unprofessional Engineering, EP#151: How Xometry Is Changing Manufacturing
MacroFab Podcast
MacroFab, EP#181: Pizza is the Way to an Engineer's Heart
Advanced Manufacturing Podcast
Advanced Manufacturing Episode: On-Demand Manufacturing for All